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A New World: Chaos

A New World: Chaos - John       O'Brien This was a very fun book, though I didn't hear a mention of any zombies until a quarter way through the book.

PROS: Fun action, kinda OK story, line explains certain ability's of certain..."Things."

CONS: Main character is the worlds best leader, he says it, they do it.
He is always right, never wrong.
The military "chagrin" is very very annoying, and I ended up just speed reading past all it, along with the flash backs....Just lots of "background noise" that I dont want to read, nor care to read.

I didn't mind it that much, wast the best, seems to be based of off I am a Legend for those of you who know what it is. It even in the prologue sounds like there is gonna be the a Alpha zombie fight off with the main character. Kinda cliché. Its a good book other wise, wouldn't mind reading it again. (if every other zombie book in the world is gone:)