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On Silver Wings

On Silver Wings - Evan Currie I didn't except this to be any better then Odyssey One. It wasn't, but was Currie hitting it home! This is on par with the Odyssey One series. Having the one thing I like on my sci fi books, and that is heavily underpowered humans VS way over powered Aliens. This is easily one of my favorite series I have ever read.

The Apocalypse (The Undead World)

The Apocalypse (The Undead World) - Peter Meredith I though this would be a good book when I started it...but, Cassie ruined it for me. Her whole characters, back story, everything about her, I hated, and after a certain event, I couldn't bring myself to even give book 2 a chance...I just cant stand it, and I know its not fair, but it is what it is. If Cassie hadn't been in it, it would have been a GREAT book series. Sorry, its stuck with a 2 star.

A New World: Chaos

A New World: Chaos - John       O'Brien This was a very fun book, though I didn't hear a mention of any zombies until a quarter way through the book.

PROS: Fun action, kinda OK story, line explains certain ability's of certain..."Things."

CONS: Main character is the worlds best leader, he says it, they do it.
He is always right, never wrong.
The military "chagrin" is very very annoying, and I ended up just speed reading past all it, along with the flash backs....Just lots of "background noise" that I dont want to read, nor care to read.

I didn't mind it that much, wast the best, seems to be based of off I am a Legend for those of you who know what it is. It even in the prologue sounds like there is gonna be the a Alpha zombie fight off with the main character. Kinda cliché. Its a good book other wise, wouldn't mind reading it again. (if every other zombie book in the world is gone:)

Tagged: The Apocalypse

Tagged: The Apocalypse - Joseph M. Chiron Im not sure why this was rated so high, I have read many zombie type books, and this just wasnt that good. The idea that the light kept them away was fun, there were plenty of ideas for that, but the author didn't go very far.
The main problem I had was that for the first half of the book, I had no idea who was who. It was very confusing until around the middle of the book.

If I had known who was who, im sure it might have been a better book, but it wasn't that great. It was a okay book, not the best, not the worst. But, an okay book.

Star Force: Inception

Star Force: Inception - Aer-ki Jyr This is one of my now favorite book series, I have read a TON of sci-fi military, but this one beats them all, for the reason, its not all military sci-fi, most of its the training...I cant give it any more stars :( others wise I would. The book, is like most sci-fi like series, but with the twist of it being in the not to future, and the Author doesn't go to far with it, not giving is people the strongest army ever, or the best solders, just the best and strongest in this solar system.
All in all, this is the best series I have read yet, and seeing as it takes me about 1 hour, 30 minutes to read 1, that is going to take me a long time to read, something I cant say for most series.

Hive: The Complete Collection

Hive: The Complete Collection - Griffin Hayes A very...odd book series, unique in its own way I guess. Not much I would have done different. All in all, it was very fun, and had a new look on post apocalyptic books, different from all the others I have read.

The Gathering Dead

The Gathering Dead - Stephen Knight I think this was a very fun book, the way that he had the zombies shooting and driving cars was unique, something no one else has done.
The plot was very fun, had very little holes, lots of action, very little of the much hated drama. In the end, it was very fun, and I would read it again any day.

The Dead Sun

The Dead Sun - B.V. Larson Was the one of the best books I have ever read!